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‘Silver Streak’ with the Villainous Patrick McGoohan

Silver Streak, a comedy-thriller from 1976, was not only a hilarious vehicle for the pairing of funny guys Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, but featured Irish-American actor Patrick McGoohan in the part of the evil Roger Devereaux. When George Caldwell … Continue reading

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Bowery at Midnight — Part Two

Happy post-inaugural Saturday! Rather than bemoan the fate of the free world worry about politics and all that, let’s enjoy the second part of the Saturday Matinee series–none other than Boris Karloff (playing dual roles!) in Bowery at Midnight! And here’s … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘#DrunksLikeUs’ (2014)

In a departure from my usual studio system movie reviews, I’m posting my thoughts about an indie film I had the great pleasure to see. #DrunksLikeUs tells the story of three ordinary, beer-guzzling British blokes. They’re lured by the mysterious … Continue reading

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The Grand Holiday Revue (Part Two)

Die Hard (1988) Yes, this Bruce Willis extravaganza of explosions is considered a Christmas movie. Bruce plays John McClane, the lean, mean fighting version of Santa Claus, delivering justice to the occupants of an office building where Hans Gruber (played … Continue reading

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10 Hitchcock Films Everyone Should See (Part Two of Three)

Having started this list of ten with three examples of films from the Great One, let’s move to three more on the list! 4. Rope (1948) This psychological crime thriller is based on a stage play. Not surprising since it … Continue reading

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‘Blonde Ice’ – Part Three

Hello! It’s Saturday Matinee time again! Time for the third part of this … amazingly Double Indemnity-like B-movie. Not quite the same, but getting there in parts. Kinda. Sorta. 🙂 In any case and without further ado, here’s Part Three … Continue reading

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Part Four of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film

Another Saturday, another installment in this thoroughly ridiculous inane low-budget movie production. I speak of none other than Part Four of Plan 9 From Outer Space! So, without further ado, here we go! 🙂 Plus, a silly little video I threw together … Continue reading

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