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‘Charade’ – Part Five

With great pleasure, we present to you now Part Five of that awesome classic film featuring the lovely Audrey Hepburn and the aging┬álong in the tooth distinguished Cary Grant. I speak of none other than the movie Charade! I would … Continue reading

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Which Hitchcock Film is Your Favorite?

Today post is essentially a readers’ poll. I’d like to hear your thoughts about which one of these Hitchcock films is the best. I’ll even include a choice called “Other” and let you specify any Hitchcock movie you think outdoes … Continue reading

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And the Contest Winner Is …!

I’m pleased to announce that five whole people (or Tweeple!) retweeted my post of last Thursday and, thus, entered the contest to win a copy of my short story anthology, FIVE UNEASY PIECES. Now … having assigned each entrant a … Continue reading

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