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My Review of ‘The Limey’ (1999)

This film came to my attention in the wake of Peter Fonda’s death. It also falls within the categories of neo-noir and crime film, which makes it particularly interesting to me. As the title suggests, the protagonist (or, should I … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Posse’ (1993)

Even though critics panned this film, I think it deserves props for taking on the subject of the Buffalo Soldiers. The story focuses on a group of African-American soldiers (plus one white guy), who are betrayed by a racist colonel … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘This Gun for Hire’ (1942)

This is one of those movies that took me maybe five minutes in (tops!) to figure out that it was going to be awesome. Right from the get-go, the story rather explodes out of the gate in terms of its … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (1969)

Apparently, this film includes “virtually everything in the novel” it’s based upon, according to Wikipedia. That, in itself, is unusual. But it is hardly the movie’s only peculiarity. If you’ve never seen this entry in the James Bond franchise, but … Continue reading

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‘Billy the Kid vs. Dracula’ (B-Movie Review) — Part Two

Having posted Part One of the review of this rather doubtful interesting example of cross-genre filmmaking, let us now proceed to Part Two! We go back to Drac and the gang as they settle in for the night at a … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Mask of Dimitrios’ (1944)

Warning: This review includes possible spoilers. This movie invites comparisons to so many others that it lends the story an almost comical air. Before I go into that, let’s review the basic plot. We open with a shot of a … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Rififi’ (1955)

It’s taken me way too long to watch this film. For years, I’ve read or heard good things about it. I’m glad to say that all the praise bestowed upon the movie is well-deserved. The main player here is Tony … Continue reading

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