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My Book Review of ‘Dark City’

Hi. Today I’m reviewing Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir by Eddie Muller. I would show you the front cover, but it’s covered up with this thing because I got it on interlibrary loan. So what I wanted … Continue reading

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‘Son of Dracula’ (B-Movie Review) (1943) — Part One

Back again with another exciting interesting review of the movie Son of Dracula! Or, at least, Part One of said review. In yet another sequel in the Dracula franchise, we get to see Lon Chaney Jr. play the titular character. … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking at You, Movie Lovers

Ever feel like you’ve found your Internet tribe, so to speak? I feel like I’ve found mine here. The thing is, even though I’m an author of mysteries, one young adult, and one thriller novel, plus various screenplays (as yet … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Movies About Movies

I’m not usually one to make Top 10 lists about my favorite movies, because I love so many it’s nearly impossible for me to rank them. For me, it’s like trying to pick a favorite book. Aren’t all the good … Continue reading

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Dementia 13 — Part Four

Hello and happy Saturday! 🙂 It’s time for yet another part of the amazingly weird cheaply made bizarre movie that is Dementia 13! So … here you are! And for your further enjoyment … here’s The Slumgullion podcast! 🙂 Made … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

This blog will take a break to celebrate the new year! However, in recognition of the many new year’s movies worth watching, here are some awesome videos! 🙂 200 Cigarettes Boogie Nights Not the happiest movies, so it’s imperative that … Continue reading

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Great Times at the Austin Film Festival

One of the great things about being a movie lover and a screenwriter is going to the Austin Film Festival. Because, believe it or not, even though I’ve written and published six novels and two screenplays, I always learn something … Continue reading

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I’m Ba-a-a-ck From Hollywood!

Hello! 🙂 Given that I just returned from my business/pleasure trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood, in particular, I haven’t had time to do much other than check my numerous emails, try to answer a few, and carry on business … Continue reading

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Hello all! 🙂 There will be a brief intermission while I go off to La-la-Land and pitch one of my short stories to a producer or a roomful of them. Or something. 🙂 So … in lieu of my usual … Continue reading

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Contest to Win a Film Lover’s Short Story Anthology

Being that I’m quite the movie nerd and book lover, not to mention published author of several mystery novels and other fiction, it seems only fitting that I should do a book giveaway on this blog! As you may know, … Continue reading

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