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Part Two of ‘White Zombie’

I’m deeply regretful thrilled to inform you that it’s time for Part Two of White Zombie! Did you know that there was a band called White Zombie? I’m sure this will thrill you, too! 🙂 Advertisements

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Part One of ‘Five Minutes to Live’

Hello all! 🙂  This should be interesting. Either it will be Part One of Five Minutes to Live or nothing! We’ll see … Well … whatta ya know!? 🙂 BTW, if you’d like to download 16 free thriller novels, just … Continue reading

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Parts Eight and Nine of ‘Teenagers From Outer Space’

In the interest of bringing this film to a merciful end not leaving you any further in suspense, I’ve prepared today’s Saturday Matinee to be a double feature! This way you can finally see what happens to that sweet girl, Betty, … Continue reading

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