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My Book Review of ‘Dark City’

Hi. Today I’m reviewing Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir by Eddie Muller. I would show you the front cover, but it’s covered up with this thing because I got it on interlibrary loan. So what I wanted … Continue reading

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‘These Girls Are Fools’ (1950) (A Short Film)

Hi there! 🙂 We’re back! This week’s special feature is a short film. Short is good. Short is fun. But, mostly, short is short. 🙂 On that note, here’s These Girls Are Fools from 1950. And a lesson for us … Continue reading

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Part Two of ‘House on Haunted Hill’ (1959)

And now for Part Two of this movie about a very bizarre, but dull party. Except when a ghost finally shows up! Get ready for Part Two of House on Haunted Hill! Even though it’s more like Dull Party in … Continue reading

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The Saturday Matinee Original Shorts Double-Feature!

Hi! I’m doing something a bit different this weekend. What I have for you today are two short videos I made recently. They’re both original concepts made entirely by me, which I can barely believe I’ve done. 🙂 I think … Continue reading

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The Untold Story of Mrs. Flitcraft

As you may know, if you’re a regular visitor here, I have a great deal of interest in film noir. One of my favorite such films to be adapted from a book is The Maltese Falcon. The 1941 version. You … Continue reading

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Episode 1.5 of ‘Buck Rogers’

This week’s episode of Buck Rogers is actually a mini-episode. Given the shortness of this week’s offering, I’m prepared to offer something more! But first, here’s Episode 1.5 of Buck Rogers! 🙂 And … my short film, The Snarky Muse … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Nox’ (2019)

I’m always awed when someone can tell a complex story in a short time. The film Nox is an excellent example of that. The opening shots of a nighttime vista of water and woods sweep across the screen, with the … Continue reading

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Because You’re Awesome

I just want to thank everyone who reads this blog. When I began writing it, I had no idea what I was doing. Blogging can take you in directions you never expect, and this blog has certainly been no exception … Continue reading

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The Big Finale of ‘Detour’

Happy Saturday (or whatever day you happen to catch this)! 🙂 Are you ready for the big, rather depressing downbeat ending of the latest B-movie feature? When I posted the previous part, I mentioned a few fun facts about Ann … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Vesper’ (2017)

In an interesting twist of social media fate, Vesper came to my attention through a Facebook message. The only reason I didn’t write this review sooner can be blamed on my unfortunate tendency to ignore Facebook—messages and all. However, be … Continue reading

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