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Part Two of ‘House on Haunted Hill’ (1959)

And now for Part Two of this movie about a very bizarre, but dull party. Except when a ghost finally shows up! Get ready for Part Two of House on Haunted Hill! Even though it’s more like Dull Party in … Continue reading

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The Saturday Matinee Original Shorts Double-Feature!

Hi! I’m doing something a bit different this weekend. What I have for you today are two short videos I made recently. They’re both original concepts made entirely by me, which I can barely believe I’ve done. 🙂 I think … Continue reading

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The Untold Story of Mrs. Flitcraft

As you may know, if you’re a regular visitor here, I have a great deal of interest in film noir. One of my favorite such films to be adapted from a book is The Maltese Falcon. The 1941 version. You … Continue reading

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It’s Part Two of ‘The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly’

Hello there! I’m afraid happy to say that we’re back again with Part Two of this most peculiar unique movie! Yes, it’s Part Two of The Invisible Man Vs. The Human Fly! 🙂 I’m also astonished and thrilled to say … Continue reading

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‘Charade’ – Part Six

Well, as you may know if you’ve been watching this space, I have an on-going movie serial in the works here. This time around, I’m featuring one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn-Cary Grant pairings. But I hope to get back … Continue reading

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Part Four of ‘Plan 9’: A B-Horror Film

Another Saturday, another installment in this thoroughly ridiculous inane low-budget movie production. I speak of none other than Part Four of Plan 9 From Outer Space! So, without further ado, here we go! 🙂 Plus, a silly little video I threw together … Continue reading

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