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My Review of ‘A Kiss Before Dying’ (1956)

In many ways, this movie reminded me of A Place in the Sun, a film I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post. Except instead of a man from a humble poor family falling for the daughter of his wealthy employer … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘This Gun for Hire’ (1942)

This is one of those movies that took me maybe five minutes in (tops!) to figure out that it was going to be awesome. Right from the get-go, the story rather explodes out of the gate in terms of its … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Los Angeles Overnight’ (2018)

There’s so much I could say about this film that it’s hard to know where to start. But here’s what I’ve got. The opening scenes evoke classic “We’re in La La Land” imagery. However, before we’re treated to a flowing … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Ronin’ (1998)

As action-thrillers go, this one is (as my British friends would say) a corker. It has the unbeatable combination of exotic locations, convoluted plot, and an increasingly breathtaking succession of car chases. It also has an ensemble cast to weep … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Sleuth’ (1972)

This film, based on a Tony Award-winning play, is about Andrew Wyke, a rather pompous British crime writer (played with appropriate pomposity by Laurence Olivier), who invites a young hairdresser named Milo Tindle (played by the ever-charming Michael Caine) to … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Time After Time’ (1979)

Time After Time is a very clever time travel movie. It’s also something of the genre-bender, in that it’s a science fiction/thriller/romantic suspense movie. And it’s a fictionalized account involving real people—one of whom wrote a novel about a time … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Night of the Hunter’ (1955)

You know that feeling you get when you hear loads of awesome things about a movie and when you finally see it, your expectations are so high, but then … it’s just not that great after all? This film was … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Window’ (1949)

The Window is one of those lesser-known films noir that received critical acclaim at the time of its release, but has since fallen to the wayside for most movie viewers. Based on a short story “The Boy Cried Murder” by … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Split Second’ (1953)

This film noir is distinguished by being not only post-World War II, but post-atomic. And that’s not its only distinction. Among other things, this movie marked the directorial debut of Dick Powell. RKO Pictures had turned Powell’s acting career in … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘Bad Day at Black Rock’ (1955)

I’m extremely pleased to submit this review as part of The Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn Blogathon being hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. To access the blogathon page click the link above or the image … Continue reading

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