The third novel is Riptide.

About the book:
Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s stay in Ocean City for the annual Maryland bar association convention turns into a busman’s holiday when her best friend Jamila is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit. All signs point to a frame, but Jamila’s local counsel must plea bargain, placing a permanent stain on the ambitious attorney’s spotless record, unless Sam and the private investigator on the case find evidence to clear her. Sam has her work cut out for her, given that the victim is the stepson of a local wealthy entrepreneur and poultry producer and no one will talk to her, including the investigator hired on the case. Even Jamila appears to be withholding information. Meanwhile, Sam’s running from mysterious pursuers and comes under police scrutiny when another murder takes place.

With the clock ticking down to the convention and preliminary hearing, Sam must uncover secrets, lies, and fraud to find the real killer. At what cost will that knowledge come for Sam?

This edition is currently out of print, but will be re-released in the future.

Reviews and Endorsements:

“I absolutely loved reading Riptide! … Sam McRae is the best attorney sleuth ever.”
–Jada Temple, reviewer, Thriller Ink Spot

“A fast-paced, compelling crime novel that leaves the reader as buzzed and breathless as the Running of the Bulls.”
— Benjamin Sobieck, author of Cleansing Eden 

“Full of tension and suspense from cover-to-cover, Riptide is a cracking good read.”
— Leighton Gage, author of A Vine in the Blood

“… a fast, smooth read, chock full of tension with an action payoff.”
— Frank Zafiro, author of Waist Deep and the River City Crime series

“The place is Ocean City, Maryland, a summertime paradise replete with sun, sea, sand, and … murder. Thus begins this gritty tale and McRae’s attempt to clear a dear friend, who has been charged with the heinous crime. Our hero must bring to bear all of her considerable investigative skills as she unwinds this tightly drawn mystery, which is sure to have you hooked until the satisfying end.”
— Lawrence Kelter, bestselling author of The Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series

“Sam McRae is back with her brass wit and tough passion, dispensing justice or else. Sam defends the higher laws of good against evils both legal and otherwise. If I were in trouble, I’d want Sam to have my back. Sam McRae is my favorite new female sleuth!”
— Scott Nicholson, author of Liquid Fear

“Sam’s sleek, sarcastic narration propels this satisfying legal caper, which also manages to score points about lingering regional racial prejudice, providing a sad reminder that justice doesn’t always prevail unless the just take action. Another winner from the pen of Debbi Mack, author of Least Wanted and Identity Crisis.”
— W.D. Gagliani, author of Wolf’s Trap, Wolf’s Edge, and Savage Nights

“Sam McRae is back— and just as sassy, smart and loyal as ever.”
— Donna Fletcher Crow, author of A Darkly Hidden Truth, The Monastery Murders 2

“If you’re looking for the ultimate beach read, you should treat yourself to Debbi Mack’s newest crime novel. Riptide is so riveting you might forget to turn over, but the pace is so hot you’ll want to dive in to cool down!”
— Austin S. Camacho, author of the Hannibal Jones mysteries

Identity Crisis and Least Wanted are tough acts to follow, but Debbi Mack meets her own high standards in Riptide, attorney Sam McRae’s third outing. Sam’s attempt to help a friend who’s been charged with murder leads her into an insular world where the secrets are so thick they create their own ‘riptide.’ A great read.”
— Timothy Hallinan, Edgar-nominated author of the Poke Rafferty and Junior Bender thrillers


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