‘4D Man’ (B-Movie Review) — Part One

So … are you all ready for this? 🙂

I hope so, because here it comes. It’s my B-movie review of 4D Man!

To make this film, the producers traveled through time roughly 10 years in the future to the late 60s, where they stole the idea for psychedelic credits and made off with the score from a Quinn-Martin production.

Via Midnight Reviews

The story opens with a shot of what looks like an old dormitory, where Dr. Tony Nelson (whose name they nicked from I Dream of Jeannie, along with the rest) attempts the essential scientific research needed to jam a pencil through a brick (or something). But, through the careless use of lab equipment, Dr. Nelson sets his chemistry kit on fire. And before you know it, the whole dorm is engulfed in flames.

The good doctor is thus fired. As in no longer employed, not set on fire.

He catches a ride with a tractor-trailer driver, who drops him off somewhere in the vicinity of another lab, where his brother, Scott (who is, of course, also a doctor) works on experiments with the future Catwoman and some other guy (we’ll call him Mr. Third Wheel).

Via Wolfman’s Cult Film

It seems Scott and Associates are having trouble with their experiments on a mysterious substance called Cargonite—a material so dense, it’s impenetrable. But can be shaped into a meat loaf pan and baked on HIGH in the microwave. Taste tests reveal that the recipe needs more salt. No, not really! 🙂

Via Rare Film

Anyway, Tony, Scott, and Catwoman Linda go on a picnic together. Linda’s wearing an awesome color-coordinated outfit that the costume designer stole from the 1960s, along with some music from a Polaroid commercial. And it becomes painfully (for Scott) obvious that Linda and Tony want to form the Beast with Two Backs, because every time they get together after that, the music resembles those Star Trek (original!) episodes where some poor schmuck falls in love with an alien.


That’s it for Part One! 🙂

PS: This is my 500th post!!! OMG!! Champagne, anyone? 🙂

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My Review of ‘Thief’ (1981)

I happened across this film by accident one evening, and was instantly drawn in by the description. It’s one of those heist movies in which the protagonist is a professional criminal who wants to make one last big score before he bows out of the life. It is also a taut and suspenseful example of early 80s neo-noir filmmaking.

Our (anti)hero is a safecracker named Frank (played with gut-wrenching intensity by James Caan), who’s trying to make the transition from lonely ex-con who runs two businesses (a bar and a car dealership) as fronts for his ill-gotten gains to respectable citizen, married to Tuesday Weld (who plays Jessie, the Girl of His Dreams).

Via B-Movie BFF’s

After a major diamond score, Frank has trouble collecting his share from his fence, who is rubbed out by the mob for skimming. Frank’s friend, Barry (played by James Belushi), discovers who killed the guy with Frank’s money. Frank wastes no time giving those guys a piece of his mind.

This leads to a meeting where Frank tries to retrieve his dough and split. But the Big Man in Charge, Leo (played by Robert Prosky) knows when he sees a true pro and wants Frank to work for him.

This is the part where Frank has to choose to walk away or take the money in one last big-time heist, then make like a tree and … disappear. Okay, a magic tree. Part of the reason he agrees to the job is to realize that dream he has of being with Tuesday Weld. Which—let’s face it—is quite an incentive.

But Frank doesn’t count on: 1) the crooked cops that benefit from the Big Man’s take and 2) the Big Man’s treachery.

There is so much I liked about this movie. It was made early enough in the 80s for it to still have a 70s vibe. James Caan gives an incredibly raw and moving performance. Tuesday Weld plays a vulnerable woman, but one with strength.

It is a taut, realistic, and atmospheric thriller without a wasted shot. Which is more than I can say for a lot of recent movies that drag the action on and on and on … until you’re practically begging for the big finish.

This movie is a great example of early neo-noir in its story and tone, if not its date of release. Entertaining with a distinct undercurrent of social commentary. But not preachy at all.

Via Daily Grindhouse

This was Michael Mann’s feature film debut. Mann used actual thieves as consultants, which accounts for the impressive level of accuracy in creating the heist scene. This was also the first film appearance of actors Dennis Farina, William Peterson, James Belushi, and Robert Prosky.

It’s not really a spoiler is it, if I say that the ending really is explosive?

A must-see for neo-noir fans!

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Episode 12 of ‘Buck Rogers’

And now … the final insult episode of the awesome film series, Buck Rogers! 🙂


And coming soon …!

A rather unusual version of this movie! 🙂

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Episode 11 of ‘Buck Rogers’

Hello all and happy Labor Day weekend! Or Labour Day, as you wish! 🙂

In any case, here’s Episode 11 of the awesome sci-fi classic Buck Rogers!

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The Coffee Film Tag Challenge

Photo by Steve Tsang on Unsplash.

Hi! Is it too late for me to do this? I hope not.

And I also hope you like the coffee image I pulled off Unsplash (an awesome stock photo site).

So … it all started with this comment I got on my About Me Page. Let’s see what I’ve come up with.

Black Coffee – A Favorite Film That’s Hard to Get Into

I have a really hard time with this one, since my favorite films usually grab me right away.

Let me think on that.

Peppermint Coffee – A Favorite Christmas/Holiday Film

Omigosh! Where do I start?

You have the action holiday movie, for lack of a better term.

There’s The Long Kiss Goodnight.

And there’s the crime holiday movies. Like L.A. Confidential. Sorry, I strayed into the 90s there! But it’s irresistible.

Holiday bad asses. 🙂

Not to mention The Thin Man (which I’ve named as a holiday favorite a couple of times).

And I can’t forget The Apartment or Hannah and Her Sisters! (Whew, just under the wire with that last one!)

Oh, and Miracle on 34th Street. The original, of course! 🙂

Um … let’s move on!

Hot Chocolate – A Favorite Children’s Film

Oh, well. I’d say The Wizard of Oz is my favorite kid’s film. Still.

We’re off to see the Wizard!

Double Espresso A Film That Held Your Interest for the Whole Run Time

Oh, my. The whole run time? That would either be North by Northwest or Run Lola Run. (From the late 90s. Sorry again.)

How’s that so far?

Starbucks: A Film That You’ve Watched More Than Any Other

Um … whoa! I’ll name one (maybe two), because I watch certain movies over and over like an idiot.

I could watch Midnight Run a hundred more times, and it would never get old to me.

I could also watch The Big Sleep over and over and over …

Hipster Coffee Shop – Give an Indie or Foreign Film a Shout-Out

I can name a few good foreign films. I already mentioned Run Lola Run, so another one I’ll throw out is La Femme Nikita. (Personally, I prefer it to the American remake, which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t quite as awesome as the French original. It was also released in 1990.)

I’m a huge fan of Jacques Tati. Especially the movie Playtime.

And one of the most inspiring movies I’ve ever seen is Ikiru.

Oops….Got Decaf – A Film That Disappointed You

*sigh* Well, I had high hopes for Once Upon a Crime, which was touted as a black comedy, but … well, if you ask me, the movie itself was a crime. (Yet another 90s film.)

See that poster with all those talented people on it? Totally wasted. Honestly, skip this one.

This trailer makes it look … better than it is somewhat less crappy.

Perfect Blend – A Bittersweet Film Mix That Seems Perfect

When it comes to bittersweet films that seem perfect, does it really get much better than Casablanca?

Coffee With Your Sugar – A Film You Might Love a Little too Much

I could probably come up with a bunch. Mostly either wonderful satires and parodies, like Airplane!

And OMG! Check out this list! 🙂

Or just over-the-top silly movies like the original Casino Royale! (From the Sixties. And it shows.)

Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Starbucks – A Film You Tell Others to Avoid

Okay, whatever you do, I urge you like you wouldn’t believe not to see Two or Three Things I Know About Her … .  I cannot emphasize strongly enough how thoroughly boring, pedantic, pretentious, and pointless this movie is.

Yes, this was made by that Jean-Luc Godard guy. I think he was trying for innovative. Unfortunately, it may be innovative, but nobody wants it. Nobody should, anyway.

In case you need proof … note the incredibly annoying whispered narration. By the director.

Trust me when I say captioning the dialogue in English doesn’t help.

Sorry, but this is something that can’t be unseen you were warned! 🙂

PS: I’ll have to pass on the first one, because I really can’t think of a favorite film that didn’t draw me in right away.

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Episode 10 of ‘Buck Rogers’

We’ve reached double digits in the episode department, which means we’re very close to a resolution of this story!

So, without further ado, let’s watch Episode Ten (10) of Buck Rogers!

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Episode 9 of ‘Buck Rogers’

Once again, it’s time for another episode of this amazing cool sci-fi series of episodic scenes that comprise the movie Buck Rogers!

I think I used the word “comprise” properly, but feel free to criticize my apostrophe catastrophes. 🙂

Anyway, here’s Episode Nine of the film! 🙂

PS: Rest in peace, Peter Fonda. 😦 (Here’s a somewhat random selection of clips to honor him!

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