‘Five Minutes to Live’ – Part Five

Hello all! Welcome back for more B-movie punishment fun! 🙂

Honestly, does it get more tiresome interesting than watching Johnny Cash try to act in a film with dialogue as stiff as a hobo’s corpse such puny nonexistent spare production values? 🙂

In any case and without further ado, here’s 15 minutes more of Five Minutes to Live!


And here’s something to soothe the political palate! 🙂

Celebrate National Indie Bookstore Day today! Even bookstores can be YouTube-ized! 🙂

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The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 3 Recap

And the villainy continues on! 🙂

Source: The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 3 Recap

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The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 2 Recap

More villainous fun! 🙂

Source: The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 2 Recap

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Mad Scots and Englishmen in ‘Braveheart’

Now, Patrick McGoohan may have been villainous in Silver Streak, which I previously posted about in The Great Villain Blogathon 2017.

However, his role as King Edward “Longshanks” in the 1995 epic film Braveheart revealed an amazing level of treachery and brutality.

Having survived his father and brother, William Wallace of Scotland (played by Mel Gibson) eventually marries his childhood sweetie, Murron.

When English soldiers try to rape her (twice!), first Wallace, then Murron fights them off. So, naturally, the English take exception to this and terminate her with extreme prejudice kill her like a dog carve her throat like a roast.

As a result, Wallace leads his clan in an all-out attack on the English soldiers occupying his town, sending them scurrying back to England. Well, Longshanks is thoroughly displeased, of course. He orders his son Prince Edward to terminate Wallace with extreme prejudice stop Wallace by any means necessary. This all leads up to various factions forming, then breaking up and conspiring against each other, along with a cast of thousands many men swinging axes at one another in big, bloody (as in blood, not the British slang) battles.

Patrick McGoohan’s Longshanks is not only a treacherous and malevolent king who won’t stand for Wallace’s insubordination. He is a pitiless father, who tosses his son’s military advisor out a window, then kicks the shit out of his heir. Keep in mind this movie came out years before the show Game of Thrones.

Perhaps it is a bit ironic that McGoohan was an American-born Irishman playing a vicious English king. Or perhaps not. Maybe it’s more of a demonstration of how closely linked we all are to one another, whether we know it or not.

Whether Longshanks was a bad ruler is the subject of some debate among historians, although apparently he did treat the Scots rather brutally.

In any case, at least as depicted in the film, the fact that his daughter-in-law betrays him and ends up pregnant with Wallace’s child, plus the king’s terminal illness does little to ingratiate this character to the audience. McGoohan’s performance as a mean-spirited son of the bitch may not have earned him an acting award, but is nonetheless one of his most memorable.

This film merits a decided two thumbs-up! 🙂  As does Patrick McGoohan!

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Who Killed the Video Store?

Well worth the reading! 🙂

Screenwriting from Iowa

“In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone to far.”
The Buggles/Who Killed the Radio Star

I thought it would be fun to revisit a post I wrote way back on November 15, 2009 called Cocaine Cowboys & the Future of Film. I wrote it the day after I watched my first Netflix movie online.

Before that most DVDs were mailed to you, or you went to a video store. I remember after viewing that film thinking, how long until Blockbuster video stores are out of business? According to Wikipedia, in 2010 Blockbuster had 4,000 videos stores in the U.S. and 2,500 international stores.  That year Blockbuster went through a world of change. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy production in September of 2010 with $900 of debt.

After that Blockbusters began closing stores and I think there are a few stores scattered around…

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The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 1 Recap

The Day 1 Recap here! 🙂

Source: The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 – Day 1 Recap

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‘Silver Streak’ with the Villainous Patrick McGoohan

Silver Streak, a comedy-thriller from 1976, was not only a hilarious vehicle for the pairing of funny guys Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, but featured Irish-American actor Patrick McGoohan in the part of the evil Roger Devereaux.

When George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) meets the beautiful Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh), sparks fly. Hilly is secretary to an art historian who has “the Rembrandt letters” that Devereaux wants destroyed. This all takes place on a train bound from Los Angeles to Chicago, giving the film a certain familiarity with a Hitchcock film that also involves suspense and romance on a train. Can you guess which one?

Scene from “Silver Streak”

Scene from “North By Northwest”! 🙂

As for the Rembrandt letters, can you say McGuffin? 🙂

In any case, when the art historian disappears and George finds thugs searching his compartment, he gets unceremoniously tossed from the train.

In fact, George falls off the train a few times (and goes through all manner of hell to get back on it) before he finally confronts Devereaux. At this point, he’s assisted by Pryor, who plays a thief named Grover T. Muldoon. This leads up to one of the most memorable scenes in the film.

The steely-eyed McGoohan not only uses racial slurs with impunity, but shows no mercy to his own crew when the chips are down.

Well, after killing a few people, Devereaux gets his just desserts.

McGoohan uses his fantastic, clipped delivery to great effect in this film. He also shows us the depth of Devereaux’s evil in the sharklike stare of his eyes. He even has the gall to slap Jill Clayburgh silly in one scene.

McGoohan mastered the look of a sociopathic killer with those eyes, the set of his jaw, and his distinctive accent. He was an actor of great depth, as I’ll be discussing in my next entry in the Great Villain Blogathon 2017.

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