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The Spiritualist – Part One

And now assuming YouTube cooperates, here’s the latest B-movie extravaganza! In keeping with the mood of the Halloween weekend, I’ve chosen a rather spooky film noir/thriller. It’s called The Amazing Mr. X, but they re-named it The Spiritualist! And so … Continue reading

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My Review of ‘The Birds’ (1963)

This is the first Alfred Hitchcock movie I ever saw and, believe me, it left an impression. Even though I saw it on TV back in the day when they cut out the really gory parts with graphic depictions of … Continue reading

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Feisty attorney dukes it out with the Mob

Originally posted on Nostalgia City Mysteries:
Identity Crisis Debbi Mack Wild Blue Press 4th Edition Aug. 2015 Kindle $5.99  Trade paper $11.99 Attorney Sam McRae has a more than troublesome case.  Her missing client is accused of murder and implicated…

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The Saturday Matinee — ‘Five Minutes to Live’

Is it Saturday already? My how time flies when you’re struggling to catch up having BIG FUN! 🙂 I intended to feature Part One of Five Minutes to Live. However, according to YouTube, it would violate copyright in three countries. Or … Continue reading

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Great Times at the Austin Film Festival

One of the great things about being a movie lover and a screenwriter is going to the Austin Film Festival. Because, believe it or not, even though I’ve written and published six novels and two screenplays, I always learn something … Continue reading

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Nothing From Me This Week, But a Trip to a Film Festival!

That image you see above is the logo for the Austin Film Festival, which is where I’ll be this weekend! Yes, I finally recovered from the worst case of cancer AIDS cold ever. This is considered one of the (if … Continue reading

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Blonde Ice — Part Eight

And now for the big finish to the most bizarre interesting B-grade film noir ever–Blonde Ice! My God, is Les a schmuck or what? And that last line … well, I laughed out loud. Literally LOLed! 🙂 And, for those of … Continue reading

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Crime Fiction Writers on the Weapons They Choose for Characters

Originally posted on The Writer's Guide to Weapons:
A Great Collection of Crime Fiction I’m delighted to be a part of the new kid on the crime fiction block, The Crime Cafe 9 Book Set, spearheaded by New York Times best-selling…

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My Review of ‘Dial M for Murder’ (1954)

Hitchcock truly proved himself the Master of Suspense in this movie. The main character, a rich woman named Margot (played by the lovely Grace Kelly) is not-so-happily married to a retired tennis pro named Tony (played unctuously by Ray Milland). … Continue reading

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Blonde Ice — Part Seven

Well, it’s Saturday again, and time for another part of the thoroughly unbelievable story of an idiot named Les and his psychotic blonde bimbo kinda-sorta girlfriend. 🙂 And so … once again into the fray we go! Yes, it’s time … Continue reading

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