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‘Charade’ – Part Six

Well, as you may know if you’ve been watching this space, I have an on-going movie serial in the works here. This time around, I’m featuring one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn-Cary Grant pairings. But I hope to get back … Continue reading

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The Spiritualist – Part One

And now assuming YouTube cooperates, here’s the latest B-movie extravaganza! In keeping with the mood of the Halloween weekend, I’ve chosen a rather spooky film noir/thriller. It’s called The Amazing Mr. X, but they re-named it The Spiritualist! And so … Continue reading

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Serialized Film Noir Matinee

I’d like to start a new type of film series. Along with my love of cheesy B-movies, I thoroughly enjoy a classic film noir! If you’ve read any of my movie reviews, I’d say it’s pretty obvious that I’m a … Continue reading

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Saturday’s B-Movie Madness!

If, like me, you’re snowed in today, I hope you still have electricity. That way you can enjoy this mild send-up of a rather well-known bad B-movie, while staying warm and dry inside your home. Thus, it is my great … Continue reading

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B-Movie Extravaganza

Now, with the coming of the new year, I offer one of the best or worst B-movies ever made! I speak of none other than the notoriously bad film,┬áReefer Madness! It seems apt that in these times in which the … Continue reading

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The Saturday Matinee: ‘Martha Ivers’ – Part Nine

We’re coming the home stretch on this movie! This weekend we have Part Nine of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers! And in honor of the new Star Wars movie, here’s a parody I hope you’ll like! ­čÖé I’d like … Continue reading

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