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Chapter One of ‘The Clutching Hand’ (Part One)

Yes, folks, it’s back! And longer more interesting than ever. It’s a serialization of a serial! 🙂 Exciting, huh? So, let’s go to the videotape! 🙂

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A Video Review of ‘Black Angel’ (1946) and Full Movie

For this week’s review, Séan Weathers and I share our opinions on the 1946 film noir Black Angel in the latest of our video chats! That’s followed by the movie in its entirety! Enjoy! 🙂

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The Coffee Film Tag Challenge

Hi! Is it too late for me to do this? I hope not. And I also hope you like the coffee image I pulled off Unsplash (an awesome stock photo site). So … it all started with this comment I … Continue reading

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A Film Lover’s Short Story

In yet another departure from what I’ve been doing on Saturdays, I’m going to post one of the short stories currently in this collection. My reason for doing that here are two-fold: 1. A reviewer once commented that the author … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking at You, Movie Lovers

Ever feel like you’ve found your Internet tribe, so to speak? I feel like I’ve found mine here. The thing is, even though I’m an author of mysteries, one young adult, and one thriller novel, plus various screenplays (as yet … Continue reading

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Would You Use a Movie Journal?

I don’t know about you, but I have an ever-growing list of films I want to see. Not to mention review. So I thought it might be nice to create an easy-to-use, free journal for keeping track of the movies … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Movies About Movies

I’m not usually one to make Top 10 lists about my favorite movies, because I love so many it’s nearly impossible for me to rank them. For me, it’s like trying to pick a favorite book. Aren’t all the good … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

This blog will take a break to celebrate the new year! However, in recognition of the many new year’s movies worth watching, here are some awesome videos! 🙂 200 Cigarettes Boogie Nights Not the happiest movies, so it’s imperative that … Continue reading

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The Grand Holiday Revue (Part Three)

And now, in the final part of this year’s grand holiday film revue, here are two more movies that come under the heading of Christmas flicks. Beware, My Lovely (1952) This film definitely isn’t your standard holiday fare. In fact, … Continue reading

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The Spiritualist — Part Seven

And now for yet another part of that most bizarre and amazing B-movie, The Spiritualist! Now that the big reveal has been … revealed, get ready for an exciting cliff-hanger. Well, not really. You’ll see. 🙂 And talk about great … Continue reading

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